Nearly 40 Year Vacant Property Set to be Redeveloped

Vacant property at 755 Ave E
Vacant property at 755 Ave E. Photo credit: Bayonne Buzz

The longtime vacant property located at 755 Avenue E has been approved by the Planning Board to move forward with development. Perhaps nothing is as emblematic of the redevelopment boom ongoing in Bayonne than this odd-shaped plot being approved for development. The trapezoid-shaped parcel located at the corner of Avenue E and Grand Street had been vacant for nearly 40 years according to Professional Planner John McDonough who presented to the Planning Board on behalf of the development application. While only a crumbling foundation is a reminder of its past, the lot’s potential is now being realized. Seeing its potential, a local midtown Bayonne resident brought forth the redevelopment application. He is just one of many who have sought to develop long vacant parcels across the city and aim to breathe new life into our city’s forgotten corners.

Creative illustration of proposed building for 755 Avenue E in Bayonne
Creative illustration of proposed building for 755 Avenue E in Bayonne created by Bayonne Buzz

Plans call for the development of a three-family, three-story home with off street parking for residents. Garage parking would accommodate three cars via one single car garage and one double car garage. The two upper floors would consist of a three-bedroom unit on each floor with acess to a balcony. The lower floor would consist of a single bedroom unit. The design forward rendering calls for a modern take on the traditional three-family home, incorporating charcoal brick and gray vinyl exterior with a plateauing roofline.

The design for the building was created by Newark based Artek Studios, who specializes in residential and multi-family design.

The property was approved by the Planning Board in May. No timeline has been given for when the project expects to start construction.