New Archery Venue Aerow Welcomes New and Experienced Archers to Fling Arrows in Style

Wall art hanging up in Aerow Archery. Photo Credit: Bayonne Buzz

Aerow Archery opened their doors in July, welcoming new and experienced archers to fling arrows in their hip and modern archery range. The venue is not like your typical utilitarian range. Aerow offers up a bright and roomy area for archers to relax, mingle, and let arrows fly.

The white, modern minimalistic interiors offer a visual appealing venue to fling arrows, but also beckons visitors to relax and stay awhile. Featured in the 8,000 square feet space is a lounge-like area complete with a picnic table and sofa, along with real vinyl records playing hip classic jazz music. Wall art punctuates the space with visually striking pieces that ties the area altogether. Finally, there are plans for light drink refreshments in the works, giving guests even more reason to mix and mingle once complete.

Lounge area inside Aerow Archery. Photo Credit: Bayonne Buzz

The owners of Aerow said they were inspired to open the venue after finding archery to be a relaxing activity after a day in their high-pressure job. What started as a just “giving it try”, turned into a relaxing passion. Inspired to give those in the Jersey City area others a chance to find that same relaxing release, the ownership team searched for two years to find the perfect space that would allow them to offer a high-quality archery experience.

A key differentiator in this range is the bows made available to visitors. Aerow offers primarily only high-end bows to rent, which are made from laser cut aluminum. Light bows also available for those who want a bow that is lighter to handle. Additionally, the team tailors the bows to each user for optimal fit.  For experienced archers, the venue allows visitors to bring their own bow including traditional, recurve, and compound bows. Crossbows are not permitted.

Archery lanes at Aerow Archery. Photo Credit: Bayonne Buzz

The archery range features 24 lanes, with distances ranging from 11-22 meters away from the target, complete with targets sheets. For those wanting to commemorate their experience, purchased target sheets are available to take home. Prospective archers need to be six years and above to participate.

Aerow is located at 98 Forrest Street in the Bergen-Lafayette section of Jersey City. Street parking is available, along with a portion of an adjacent lot. The venue also has a bicycle rack available to accommodate those arriving by bike.

Aerow Archery. Photo Credit: Bayonne Buzz