Bayonne Approves Plans for Largest Warehouse in City

Illustration of size of approved warehouse and the phase one site. Photo Credit: Google Maps with illustration by Bayonne Buzz

Will the title for biggest warehouse in Bayonne be surpassed by a new one? Duke Realty, a subsidiary of the prominent logistics real estate company Prologis, is embarking on an ambitious project set to transform a once-contaminated industrial site on Constable Hook into a massive warehouse. The Planning Board approved at a special meeting on October 3rd for five solar-ready warehouses to be developed in two phases. Phase one features the largest warehouse of the bunch, which will be a colossal structure boasting 1,076,000 square feet of storage space. To put that in perspective, that is 20% larger than the massive new UPS distribution center that opened this month on the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor!

The 127-acre project area at the far east end of 22nd Street and Avenue J, was previously occupied by Exxon and IMTT. The site’s history is notable, with Exxon operating an oil refinery there for over a century before its closure in the 1980s. At one point, it was one of the most polluted parcels in New Jersey, but substantial progress in remediating the land has been made with over 90% of the site remediated. Currently, the site houses a tank farm and various administrative buildings, which will be demolished as part of the redevelopment. The site has been dormant ever since Exxon’s departure in the 80s.

Relative comparison of size of newly approved warehouse vs other large structures in Bayonne. Illustration by Bayonne Buzz

The new warehouse is set to have 170 loading docks planned along with a couple offices included in the design. Parking for both trailers and cars for workers is planned as well as part of the redevelopment. While there is no tenant currently lined up to fill the space, Duke Realty noted that they envision the facility fulfilling the needs of a general warehouse although an e-commerce with delivery is also a possibility.

While the project is expected to bring jobs to the area, given that there is no named client, an exact number could not be estimated. Even so, the project is expected to bring a considerable amount of new job opportunities with it. To facilitate easy access for workers to and from the logistics hub, there are plans for a potential shuttle service from the 22nd street light rail. This feature would be dependent on the needs of the facility, how many workers are expected to be there, what time, traffic among other factors.

An eco-conscious approach is integrated into the project’s design, as all warehouses will be solar-ready. This means that at least 40% of their roofs will be allocated to accommodate solar panels, potentially harnessing renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint of the logistics operations. The warehouse aesthetic is also bringing a modern approach. All the buildings in the plan will have a clean grey to off-white palette and featuring sleek, dark glass windows, lending a contemporary feel to the structures. Phase two of the development will include four smaller warehouses ranging from 110,000 to 220,000 square feet, potentially being used to meet a range of logistics and distribution needs for clients.

No timeline has been announced for commencement of construction, although the phase one site is being currently marketed by Prologis.

Two phase multi warehouse plan approved by Bayonne Planning Board. Photo Credit: Google Maps with illustration by Bayonne Buzz