Aldi Expected to Open Location in Bayonne

Aldi store. Photo Credit: Google Maps

Aldi, the renowned low-price supermarket chain, is expected to open its doors in Bayonne. According to marketing materials for retail space at the Bayonne Crossing shopping center, the supermarket is expected to occupy nearly 20,000 square feet in the space previously held by New York Sports Club (NYSC), which closed due to the financial challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The addition of Aldi will not only provide Bayonne residents with another convenient shopping option but also fill the lingering void left by NYSC.

At the moment Its unclear the target date for an opening, although the marketing material produced by Kite Realty does appear current, even reflecting the space recently vacated by Sonic as available. The materials reflect a map of the Bayonne Crossing Center with logos of companies that are currently tenants. All the current stores are reflected with Aldi’s logo being the noticeable exception. Request for comment to Aldi and Kite Realty for planned timing of the opening were unreturned.

While there is no specific date set for the opening of the Aldi location in Bayonne, residents can anticipate experiencing Aldi’s unique shopping approach. The supermarket is renowned for its commitment to providing high-quality food at low prices, all within what the company deems a “no-frills shopping experience”. Among the unique elements to be expected are a smaller store layout designed for quick and convenient shopping, its semi-free cart use system (more on that below), weekly deal via its Aldi Finds section, and a distinctive approach to product display: items are presented in their original shipping boxes, which helps save on restocking shelves.

Perhaps the most unique component of the Aldi shopping experience is its cart system. To use a cart, shoppers must go to the central cart docking bays and insert a quarter into a mechanism on the cart. Once the cart is returned to the docking bay and pushed into place, the chain mechanism releases the shopper’s quarter back to them. The company promotes the system as a way to encourages the cart to be returned each time and to enable them to keep their costs low.

Location of expected future Aldi. Photo Credit: Google Maps with illustration by Bayonne Buzz

Aldi’s history dates back to 1961 when the Albrecht Family established the world’s first discount grocery store in Germany. In 1976, Aldi expanded to the United States, opening its first store in Iowa. The supermarket chain has since grown significantly, with 2,336 locations across the United States, including 60 stores currently operating in New Jersey.

This news of Aldi’s future arrival follows a recent influx of grocery stores in Bayonne and the neighboring communities. In 2020, Lidl, another German discount grocery chain, opened on the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor, and in 2019, the area welcomed warehouse club Costco. Additionally, Jersey City’s West Side neighborhood has approved the opening of a ShopRite, further contributing to the growing grocery retail landscape.